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盛驰专注于研发、生产、销售视觉激光智能设备10多年,得到行业内1000多家的新老客户一致好评 服务IC、3C、钟表首饰、PCB板等行业

About us

Focus on visual laser marking machine, welding wit can be manufactured, more than 500 customer choice

Shenzhen shengchi technology co., LTD., located in longhua new district, shenzhen, has been committed to laser marking and visual system technology research for nearly 10 years. Shengchi technology in laser marking and visual positioning industry leading technology and quality advantages have been recognized by a number of well-known enterprises in the domestic laser industry, the company's research and development of "visual positioning detection system" and "laser positioning marking system" and other products can effectively solve the problem of the traditional laser industry positioning difficult, low efficiency.

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After years of industry precipitation, we have cooperated with well-known enterprises such as huawei, OPPO and midea


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